To know the Attitudes of EFL Secondary School Students towards Learning English Language, we can try to apply or implement this questionnaire for the learners. As below:

“To what extent do you agree with the following items? The following items ask about your attitudes toward learning the English language. Remember there is no right or wrong answers; just answer as accurately as possible. Please read the statements below carefully and tick the appropriate choices that reflect your attitudes and perceptions towards English language. Use the scale below to answer the questionnaire items.

1= Strongly Disagree    2= Disagree   3= Neutral   4= Agree   5= Strongly Agree.

And, you may use these items below by making it into a table.

1. Studying English is important because it will make me more educated
2. Being good at English will help me study other subjects well
3. I feel proud when studying English language
4. I feel excited when I communicate in English with others
5. Speaking English anywhere makes me feel worried
6. Studying English helps me to have good relationships with friends
7. I like to give opinions during English lessons.
8. I have more knowledge and more understanding when studying English
9. I look forward to studying more English in the future
10. I don’t get anxious when I have to answer a question in my English class
11. Studying foreign languages like English is enjoyable
12. I am able to make myself pay attention during studying English
13. When I hear a student in my class speaking English well, I like to   practice speaking with him/her
14. To be inquisitive makes me study English well
15. Studying English makes me have good emotions (feelings)
16. I prefer studying in my mother tongue rather than any other foreign language
17. Studying English makes me have more confidence in expressing myself
18. Studying English helps me to improve my personality
19. I put off my English homework as much as possible
20. Studying English helps me getting new information in which I can link to my previous knowledge
21. I cannot to summarize the important points in the English subject content by myself
22. Frankly, I study English just to pass the exams.
23. I enjoy doing activities in English
24. I do not like studying English
25. I am not relaxed whenever I have to speak in my English class
26. I feel embarrassed to speak English in front of other students
27. I wish I could speak English fluently.
28. I am interested in studying English.
29. In my opinion, people who speak more than one language are very knowledgeable.
30. Studying English helps me communicate in English effectively
31. I cannot apply the knowledge from English subject in my real life
32. Studying English subject makes me feel more confident
33. To be honest, I really have little interest in my English class
34. Studying English makes me able to create new thoughts
35. I like to practice English the way native speakers do.
36. I am able to think and analyze the content in English language
37. I wish I could have many English speaking friends
38. When I miss the class, I never ask my friends or teachers for the homework on what has been taught.
39. I am not satisfied with my performance in the English subject
40. In my opinion, English language is difficult and complicated to learn.
41. English subject has the content that covers many fields of knowledge
42. I do not feel enthusiastic to come to class when the English is being 130 thought
43. Knowing English is an important goal in my life
44. I look forward to the time I spend in English class
45. I do not pay any attention when my English teacher is explaining the lesson