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The Internet Basics and Web Resources

Unit 3. The Internet basics and Web resources.ppt

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Computer Basic (2)

Unit 2. Computer Basics Part II.ppt

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Computer basics (I)

Unit 2. Computer basic 1. ppt

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Introduction to Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL).ppt

Unit 1. Introduction to CALL

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Evaluation of CALL Software

P.J.Scholfield, Dept of Language and Linguistics, University of Essex UK. Work in progress Chapelle 2001 Chapter 3  and Levy 1997 p144ff. Hubbard 1996 ‘Elements of CALL methodology’ in ed. Pennington The Power of CALL esp. pp27-29. Higgins 1995 Computers and English Language Learning ch10. Murray and A. Barnes 1998 ‘Beyond the “wow” factor – evaluating multimedia language learning from a pedagogical [...]

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Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial

University of California at Berkeley Authority Who is the author? What else has the author written? In which communities and contexts does the author have expertise? Does the author represent a particular set of world views? Do they represent specific gender, sexual, racial, political, social and/or cultural orientations? Do they privilege some sources of authority over others? Do they have a formal [...]

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Mark Warschauer: Computer Assisted Language Learning: an Introduction

  Reprinted with permission of Logos International. Please cite as: Warschauer M. (1996) "Computer Assisted Language Learning: an Introduction". In Fotos S. (ed.) Multimedia language teaching, Tokyo: Logos International: 3-20. We are grateful to Mark Warschauer for allowing us to reproduce this article at the ICT4LT site. The article has an important place in the History of CALL, [...]

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Module 3.5. Human Language Technologies (HLT)

Compiled from by Ismail Sangkala Aims It is the aim of this module to explore some of the aspects and challenges in Human Language Technologies (HLT) that are of relevance to Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL). Starting with a brief outline of some of the early attempts in HLT, using the example of Machine Translation [...]

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Module 3.4. Corpus linguistics

Compiled from by Ismail Sangkala Aims The aim of this module is to introduce the student to corpus linguistics. Corpora are often used by linguists as the raw material from which language description may be fashioned - the role is no less relevant for CALL package designers. Corpora can provide the basis of accurate, [...]

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Module 3.3. Creating a World Wide Web site

  Compiled from by Ismail Sangkala Aims This module follows on from Module 1.5, Introduction to the Internet, and Module 2.3, Exploiting World Wide Web resources online and offline, both of which are concerned mainly with the Web as a resource and how it can be exploited in the languages classroom. This module aims to introduce the user [...]

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